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 Namkha Publications was founded to provide;

Quintessential Wisdom, Mental Development and Foundation Wisdom to anyone interested. 

Geshe Dangsong Namgyal

 Our spiritual director and teacher is Geshe Dangsong Namgyal, a Yungdrung Bon Dzogchen lineage holder and Buddhist teacher, scholar, author and meditation master.


Geshe Namgyal is a Rimé teacher, which means all-embracing of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon. He was born in Tibet and entered the monastery there, beginning his study of Buddhism. After some time, he left Tibet in order to be able to receive the more in-depth teachings available in Nepal and India. After 25 years of study and meditation, he achieved his Geshe Degree, which is equivalent to a PhD in the West, “Geshe” being a title like Doctor. His spiritual journey has developed in him an extraordinary depth of knowledge through which he can clearly convey essential teachings and meaning. He is an author of works on Tibetan culture, history and religion and has presented at numerous  conferences in Asia, Europe and the U.S. He is available for personal consultation.